Ig Bans Service | Temporary, 30day, Permanently ban any account | Quick Tat | Takedown/ban any ig account

Service: INSTAGRAM Bans | IG Removals/Takedown Any Acc

Price: 450$ starting (non human pfp/business)
OFFER : Taking first 3 cases for 300$ only (human pfp) +swapd fee

This service is ideal for closing the account of someone who is impersonating you, someone doing illegal acts or if they are your enemy, and more.

I Can ban any account ( temporary / 30day )

Target will be banned within 24hrs
(7day max)

Dm for more details :gem:

Please Note: We cannot be 100% sure that the account will never come back. If he knows someone who works at Instagram, he can get help.

For Unbans Check : *iG Unban Services | Including Perma And Sexual Closures Fastest | Fast Tat | Most Affordable

Banned a fake business IG in days! Highly recommended!

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Thanks for a vouch :heart:

Why does your title say Permanently ban any account, but your description says temporary / 30 day?

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Permanent ban are mainly 30d bans (harder to recover ) , temporary are normal imp bans .

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Only VIP members can sell the methods or anyone can do it?