IG bug

Don’t know if this is relevant or the bug is available in other countries or on other devices but I have been getting it from yesterday.

I was changing the username of an account I own. It has 6 characters and it starts with the letters “mi”. As I was deleting the letters one by one when I got to “mi”, instagram showed the green check that it is available :grinning:.

Yes I tried to save it but it stopped and said not available.
I even went to create a new account and instagram says its available
Yes I know someone has that account already. (I just got hyped seeing the green.)

See screenshots…

Moderators advise if topic is against TOS am not sure

Did you try this again on other accounts?

Worked from a new account as well… got as far as sending confirmation code

But when you finally try to register it says not available, right?

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