IG DM Groups with verified users

Will add you on IG’s DM Group with some (not all) verified users , prices below :

:question: You share on the groups your pics / videos / reels etc and get comments&likes from verified-and non, from other members from the group . And basically you need to send comments back (but you won’t get banned in case don’t send comments )

:moneybag: Method payment : Crypto [USDT]

  • 50 Groups: $400
  • 75 Groups: $500
  • 100 Groups: $750
  • 200 Groups: $1300

:label:+ Swapd fee

How they look :


Okay I will update my clients

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Would like to get it

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does this still help getting the post on Explore? (like the good old powerlikes…)

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do they really comment on your post if you share? ( ofcourse i dont know them and they dont know me)

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Replied to everyone


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Texted u

Couple questions. 50 groups seems like a bit overkill do you offer a smaller amount? How many are usually in a group? Are all the groups different? Thanks!

DM’d u

Less amount of groups?


50x min


Bump still providing


may i know how many members do we get in each group ??

please drop me the info with best price



BUMP | Still doing