IG/FB Verifications, claiming IG Handles (only for real public figures)

Through our connections with Media Partners, we have the possibility to offer the following services for those who need it for themselves and / or their customers:

  • Verification requests (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Request inactive handles (Instagram)

As already mentioned, it is a service we offer to public figures who have articles on them on known sites (Forbes, BBC, Huffington, Influencive etc, obviously depending on the niche), musicians, youtubers, gamers, influencers, bloggers, sportsmen etc. And also Media (record labels, radio, TV etc)


  • Verification Facebook (fanpage or profile) - 1,500$
  • Verification Instagram - 2,000$
  • Claiming IG Handle (start from 2000$ for a normal switch, such us @namesurname, and increase to 2,500$ for 1words / @name etc). Just consider if you are interested and have budget, to shot us a DM with the requested username, and after will let you know if the handle can be required and directly price for it .

Payments :

Through TransferWise

Note :


If you don’t have articles about you, if you don’t post frequently into your accounts/page, if you type your name on google, nothing appears, we can’t help you! It’s reserved for who have good background as well.


As many have said that offer the same service, if you want @dog, @cats, @sushi, @pizza, we can’t help you. If instead you want @namesurname, or maybe @name, instead of @name_surname, then we can help you.
All request should be required for a Public Figures, so not to Business Accounts.
But though, if the name is relative to a Business, for example, @swapd, we can create a special thing, a musician IG profile, with followers, posts, likes, etc., to pass as, for example, a new music alias , then we can request it.
At end, if we get the name, we give you the account for do the manual switch.
This thing btw can be done only for for names that can be easily “masked” as music aliases, projects etc, so clearly not: @cryptocurrencies, @clickfunel etc

Moved to Unique Services and edited your post since you don’t seem familiar with how things work around here.


Messaged regarding verification, I will do without prepay.

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messaged you!

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Replied you.

Up. I’m back


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Bump . Accepting orders for Facebook and Instagram Verification

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Only for this week : Instagram verification at 1,500$ if you have strong press articles, another social verified maybe, wikipedia, website etc

PM me your Requirements so we can take a look if you can have chances or not


Pm please

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replied :slightly_smiling_face:

Still Available. Get verified on Intagram a client offsite !

I would be looking to acquire 2 usernames @name and @nameusername.

Budget $3000 for both. Private message me at your own risk.

Claiming IG Handle (start from 2000$ for a normal switch, such us @ namesurname , and increase to 2,500$ for 1words / @ name etc)

But let me take a look on what you have, check DM

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