IG Musician Verification Via Distributor (Rebadging)

Offering Verification for Debadged Musicians.

DONT’ send me fake cases, you’ll be ignored.

You MUST provide an unreleased song/single for distribution.

Your verification will be processed via a trusted rep/partner at either Sony or Warner Music.

TAT After Submission 24-72hrs.



Good luck with sales :clap:

Thanks man!

Taking Indian cases?

Not at this point.

Unlisted because of shouting in the title. Please edit your title and remove caps.

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Thanks, Good luck with the sales!

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I had my badge taken down during the ban wave, not sure why or how? I need it back. Are you offering actual verification or will your verification also be possible to be taken by Instagram?

Taking turkey cases?


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thats hot

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If they have strong press, Google Panel, Strong Spotify stats and Lots of music on instagram

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Check pm @Abstract

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