[IG] Premium VERY RARE generic Instagram handle in Gaming genre



Selling very rare / premium Instagram handle in Gaming genre

Property type: Instagram handle
Why is it unique?: Generic word in the Gaming genre, > 17 million posts on the hashtag
Price: Best offer (starting at 8K) - send a PM to discuss :slight_smile:


Currently have an amazing Instagram handle to offer. Handle is in Gaming genre and has over 17 million posts when you search for the username.


Marked as Premium as this has serious potential, good luck.


Yeah, honestly this is one of the better @handles we had the honor of having on our website.


Thanks @Alpha & amazing to hear @Swapd - thanks for your support :slight_smile:


Please pm me handle and price you are looking for thanks!


Handle please?


@Tabsum @tnc-low You both got a PM


Whats the @


@jackattack PM


Send it




pm me the handle


I donโ€™t want to buy it, but holy โ– โ– โ– โ–  itโ€™s a good one


@goodsmash @MattiBatti @SocialMediaLegend You got a PM with the handle :slight_smile:

@bobemedia It sure is! :smile:


PM top offer please


@abcnyc DMโ€™d you :slight_smile:


PM handle please!


Can you send me the handle please?


Hi , Can you please send me the handle ?


Handle please