Ig scam

hi there
someone stole an instagram account from me someone can help me?
I received an email with copyright infringement and I thought it was from the intagram and I was not going to check if it was from the intagram and now this:(

Go throught the Instagram help section and report a hacked account. You’ll require access to the OG email and probably proof of identity but this has worked both times I’ve tried it.

Hi there
Thank You
but I was able to recover the profile but I spent 3 hours changing passwords and the hacker also too
later he gave up and there I managed to recover everything
It was not easy

I posted something yesterday but I deleted it
it was my fault the hacker through the fishing system got the password and changed everything
He sent an email about how the profile had violated the face rules and for me to confirm the email and pass otherwise the profile was going to be deleted and I fell into the trap…
I also don’t have checked the email source
I was so naif… but its everything ok now thank You for your support

Glad to hear that you eventually got your account back!

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