IG Unban / Page Recovery Service [BEST ON SWAPD] [DIAMOND SELLER]


What Is This Service?
This service is strictly for disabled Instagram accounts, not DELETED, HACKED, or ANY LOGIN ISSUES. I will only be assisting with disabled pages.

Process / Timeframe :
The process is very simple, you provide the required information and I submit the request. It takes 0-30 business days maximum. Typically it is less than 20 days , although due to COVID-19 and limited IG reviewers it may take longer.

Information Needed :

  • Amount of followers the IG account had when active
  • A screenshot of what the reason for it being disabled is ( Login from the IG APP, NOT BROWSER and click learn more then screenshot. )
  • Username of the affected account
  • What type of content was being posted / theme of the page ( Model, Meme Page, Personal, Brand etc. )
    ( Please send me this info all listed in this order if you PM me.)

How Much Is This Service ?
The price will vary for each individual page, based on the information you’ve provided me. The MINIMUM fee will start at $400, this is firm and not up for negotiation. The buyer will also always be paying the fee.

Message me with the requested info to get started !

Tickets Completed Onsite : 27


PM sent

Replied to all.

Is email address 100% required? I have an account that was disabled a yr ago to impersonation and i totally forgot the email to it. I have all other info you need though.

Yes, it is. ( edit : it’s not anymore. )

Taking on reqs still.


Just sent you a private message.

Unbanned another IG today, offsite. Submitted 4 requests yesterday and more will come. HMU!


Sent you a PM @jacobj

Unbanned more pages offsite, taking on requests.

maybe he found out that you’re upselling his service :wink:

Just had another successful ticket here on Swapd for an IG unban! 3 in a row now. Hit me up to get your page back up & running.

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Unbanned an IG in two hours today for a client offsite. Hit me up : )

Check messages

Two more IG’s unbanned for clients offsite. One took 4 hours, the other two days. Hit me up!

Another three unbanned the past 24 hours, and more to come. Hit me up to get your IG back up and running :slight_smile:

Unbanned a 4.5m follower meme page for my client yesterday, still getting these done even on weekends!

Jacob is the real deal. unbanned my friends IG.

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Taking on more requests to submit this week. Hit me up! Unbanned many pages offsite for clients and have many submitted.

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