IG Usernames Claims (also for verified user)

Service type: Request IG inactive usernames
Price: Start from 2.5k usd

Nothing different than other trusted services here -
We are able to send request for claim inactive IG usernames

We can’t do OG like sushi, dog, cat and bla bla bla. same rules, but we can get like generic (your @name) etc

Requirements :

  • Currently username (where you want to get the new one)
  • Requested username (inactive, minium 4 letters)

Timeframes :

  • 1-3 business day

We can handle request only for public figures and also business
PS PS we can also send request for Verified users, without get the badge removed
PS PS PS : Currently username, need to be affiliated as i said, about a p.f or business, brands etc. We don’t accept fresh accounts, all need to be real :slight_smile:

If you are interested, hmu !


@SMM is a great seller with solid services. I haven’t tried this particular service yet, but dealt with his verification service in the past and was highly impressed.


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PM’ed you, I’d like to get a quote on an inactive username please

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PMd you

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Pm’ed with username request

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Replied to everyone :cowboy_hat_face:

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check dm

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Hey PMed you to see your cost on one of 2 uses ems

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Hey I replied to your dm. You asked for an active account so I can make it extremely active

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Hey PM’ed

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