I'll remove the copyright strikes on your IG

Service type: If you have an account that has copyright strikes, I can help you remove all of them.
Price: $5k per strike

Description: The one ban reason that most people can’t get around is copyright. That’s why I’m offering this unique service to help get your account back or get rid of any current risks.

Can you unban a YouTube account for “spam”?

What platform is this for?

Oh sorry, let me update it, it’s for Instagram accounts.

How exactly can we check whether our accounts have copyright strikes.

You usually get an email with the complaint but I believe.

Yeah we do get an email, but if we’re paying 5k$/strike how do we know for sure that it’s been removed as there is no official way to check the status of a strike or strikes of an account.

You can file the copyright form with your copyright number.

Can someone verify this?

If possible, the site admin can hold the funds until service is completed.

My copyright strikes were removed, and I got notification that my account was restored (and it is back up) however I still get an error at log in for two weeks now. do you know of any way to correct this?

Haven’t heard of this happening, try emailing them.

That is ip ban, it takes 1 month or 45 days. That is ■■■■ hole process. If ur account is alive then nothing to be worried of. Login in from a different phone never logged in before and ur good to go :+1:

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Got my acc disabled with 3 strikes. Dealing with the third parties won’t work, if you can get back my account I’m paying

So you get a strike for every copyright infringement, and it doesn’t go away even if you delete the post in question, correct? And after 3 of those you get banned and can’t do anything about it is that right?

Yes, you have to ask the person who filed the strike to remove it.

Is there a way to see how many strikes an IG account has?

i don’t think so, but you should receive an email each time.

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