Im experiencing Adsense payment issues ( payments not being issued to my bank)

Hi guys

So basically I’m having some crazy problems with Adsense and youtube right now.

Since April of this year, my YouTube revenue has been coming in tic my Adsense account but it is not being released to my bank account each month as it should.All my channels are linked to this Adsense and not a single penny of my revenue is reaching my bank. it just gathers in my Adsense account and sits there.
Does anyone know why this could be happening?

YouTube refuses to help me

Thanks :slight_smile:

What does “refuses to help me” exactly mean? This sounds like a very odd issue, almost like a bug. I can’t imagine them ignoring it.

They basically say we can no longer help you with this
We have no more information to share

Were you banned or had any violations?

nope my channels were clean like they are all approved for monetisation and everything was working fine until April

I don’t think anyone here would be able to help you out, if YouTube itself can’t do that. Maybe change your payment info?

im going tot ry changing the bank on the account but it doesn’t look promising
ill try anyway
thanks for your help

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