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Service type: Custom YouTube Keyword & Tag Research
Price: $200


Are you tired of wasting hours of your time on finding the right keywords and tags to use for your YouTube channel? The tedious process of going through competitor channels, similar videos, and keyword research tools can now be skipped!

We will take care of the ENTIRE process for you. Just let me know your channel & niche, and we will get to work and provide you with a full spreadsheet featuring all relevant keywords for your niche with their volume and competition included! This will make it so much easier for you to find high potential keywords.

Why Are We Qualified?

We run a network of YouTube channels including cashcow channels where we produce unique content, as well as YouTube shorts channels. These channels have been earning us money consistently since we started and we have learned a lot along the way about creating high-potential keyword lists.

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48 Million Views Per 48 Hours:

30k+ Subscribers Per Day:

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230k Subscribers Per Week:

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What To Expect From Our Detailed Keyword Research:

You will receive a spreadsheet with your custom keyword list featuring high potential keywords in your niche, sorted by search volume and level of competition.

Using this list you will be able to better understand your niche and which keywords have higher chances of you ranking on than others.

If you want multiple niches/channels analysed, contact me for bulk deals!

Payment Methods:

USDT (preferred)
Wise & PayPal

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all. I look forward to working with you :slight_smile:


Next 3 orders I will be taking for $100, a 50% discount! It’s never been this cheap to optimize your YouTube channel’s keywords.

Still offering the discount!



Taking orders, would love to help you take your channel to the next level! :slight_smile:

Taking orders. All past clients are very happy with the service :slight_smile:

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can you do research on the religion niche on youtube?

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Definitely! Shoot me a DM and let’s discuss getting started :slight_smile:

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Ready to take your channel to the next level?

I am interested, but have a few questions.

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