In-Stream ads $9,000 last month - Skateboarding Facebook Pages + YouTube Channel Monetized, Large Facebook Group and MORE

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 1 million+
Topic/Niche: Skateboarding
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


I Love Skateboarding, LLC is an empire of skateboarding pages reaching over 1million views per day with TIER 1 audiences. The majority of our audience are men from the United States age 25-34. These pages are composed of 3 Facebook pages - 1 with 500K+ followers (this page is monetized with $9K earnings last month), 2 with 200K+ followers, 1 Instagram page with 60K followers, 1 Facebook community group with 14K active members, and 1 YouTube Channel that is monetized with 3.8K subs. All pages have a highly engaged skateboarding audience.

Our biggest Facebook page is currently in Facebook’s “In-Stream Reserve” program meaning higher quality ads are put into the videos. This page has over 100 ORIGINAL videos already created.

We have relationships with just about every IG, Facebook, and YouTube page related to skateboarding in some way or another. We have a long list of DM’s with some of the most popular skaters on Instagram agreeing that we are able to use their content in edits in exchange for promotion/credit. We also have the same agreement with a long list of the communities most well-known YouTubers - many of which we have worked with on our ad-breaks.

Instagram page comes with OG email account - I am the original creator of the 2/3 main Facebook pages and our team are the only admins on all 3 currently.

The logo used for many of these pages is a classic OG symbol - our ‘Skate Heart’ logo. This logo has been copied many times over but is trademarked by our LLC and is included in this package. We have sold ‘Skate Heart’ merchandise for $10,000 in revenue with no advertising costs. This is an area that can be expanded on massively by anyone interested.

Looking for someone who can take care of these properly, not just anyone. Please only reach out with serious inquiries :slight_smile: Thank you all for your time

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