Increasing the instant articles ad revenue

Hey guys,

I’ve heard that there are some tricks to increase the ad revenue…I found a guy who makes approximately $100-$200 a day…But, no idea what’s his magic

Is it bannable if I manually place the ads on top instead after 350 words to show up? How do I increase the incomes? There must be something that people use to increase their earnings…

There is a rule that you have to have at least 77 words before your ad is placed if you follow that rule you should be Ok

With the new algorithm is 250 words after your ad is being shown…but that’s not the problem

Please elaborate on the 250 words rule?

You were asking if you can place your ad at the top, correct?
The way I remember is that you have to have 77 words before placement.

You said 250 words after placement

that makes it become: 77 words - AD - 250 Words
Does that mean all posts should at least be 327 words?

Well…I’ve read somewhere on facebook’s ad policy that if your text is 500 words for example, the first ad will be after 250 words (middle) and another one after 250 more. Long story short, the bigger text you got, the more ads you get.

Yes i can confirm there is a trick i

That what you say its 100% true

Once i saw someone foing that he said it costs 10k€ just to tell the trick.

There is another trick, to have cpm 40$-50$ or higher, it is a bug on fb, and I won’t tell this trick to anyone because you risk to lose the IA or even the page.