Insane Instagram OG Username

Property type: Instagram one word username.

Why is it unique?: Its a single 4 letter English word. 300k tags on Instagram.

Is Og Email Included: Yes.

Price: Best offer, current offer is $900 BTC on another forums page.

Keep in mind, I will give you a better deal for this @ if you pay with Bitcoin.

If you are looking to pay in paypal the BIN I have in mind will be a little higher.

PM handle

Handle please

sent 2 both of you

pm handle please

Pls send handle and price.

Send please

Pm handle

pm handle please

Handle pls

Greetings I would like to know the username please

pmed everyone with a verified ID

username please

replied to all

Handle bro. I am very interested


interested, pm handle please

verify your ID and pm me