Instagram - 20% Engagement - 25k likes - 116.000 followers - Grows 500/day

Country of followers (see image)
20% + USA follower

Amount of followers
Growing 500 per day

Original email adres
Yes, it does. Protonmail

Growing method used
Organic , Explore posts. Big accounts in the same niche gave shoutouts.

Best offer, don’t even try 3 digits

Payment method

Additional information

  • 20%+ engagement rate.
  • biggest engagement in the niche
  • great potential for farm food sponsordeals. And dropshipping related products
  • never done any promotions yet. First want to grow the account.
  • videos got up to 500.000 views
  • photos got up to 60k+ likes
  • great username
  • includes full swapd audit

send me the username and pictures of the stats

At 114.000 followers now.

Pm Username and offer please

Username. Thanks




Pm user

Handle and price please

handle and current offer please

Handle and current offer?

PM’ed everyone.

Still for sale

handle and best price please

Almost at 116k followers now.

Current offer 2000 USD excl swapd fee.
Buy right now for 4000 USD incl fee

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116k followers now. Selling it cheap right now


Pm me the username please.

This account is still for sale. Make bank with a dropshipping website, CPA, or shoutouts