Instagram Account Merge - Verified and Non Verified Both

Service type: IG Account Merge
Price: Pm me with handles

Description: I can merge two account verified and non verified too. For example I can merge followers of an non verified account to your verified account.

Can do non verified + verified account merge
Can do non verified +non verified merge

Need emails of both accounts for merge and 7-10 days

Let me know if any of you need. Send me details fast need to make some changes.


Will PM you.

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Is this breaking IG’s terms of service? I thought IG account mergers weren’t possible

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No i know they are possible.

Someone sent me this image of merge page. But someone with support can only access them.


Interested in IG merge! PM me please

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It’s not illegal bro

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awesome im highly interested! sending you a pm now op

Pm please!

Legal bump

Verified + Non Verified accounts only?
Or could be Non Verified + Non Verified?

It’s for both can done for non verified + non verified