Instagram and Facebook Verification Service

Hi Guys,

We can now do IG and Fb verification again.

Price is $3k for verification.

Please note -different from last time we will only work with accounts that have many press articles about them / are well known or well known influencers - not random marketers with 50k of fake followers.

Time period it takes is 5 to 7 working days max

We have a track record of doing verification and have done 3 this week successfully

PM me for details!

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I’m an Entrepreneur with 7k followers???

lol message me…do you have press articles about you though?

Is this still a hit or miss kind of service?

if the account has a high chance of success we can help out i.e has many articles about them - we won’t submit someone random - needs to be an influencer or someone well known with articles about them

I have emailed information and haven’t received any response. I would really like to have this done.

The account you send me is not possible as you dont have strong press articles in places like forbes or entrepreneur

I’d like to add that this track record wasn’t through SWAPD.

ye but we have got usernames successfully which is actually a harder process?


bump - message me guys!

Nobody here has articles

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When you don’t have to have articles for accounts I can purchase. I know people that have gotten verified with no articles at all. So yea…

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I had articles and mine won’t good enough, he said they had to be Forbes and Entrepreneur… not typically where you find acoustic musicians… oh well.

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the articles can be in other places too like or any top publications

FB don’t verify every average person with a few articles…

I think I have read somewhere that SWAPD services are not allowed if they don’t have a 100% success rate and I think this is the case here.

If you have an article on forbes you can get the blue badge on Instagram/Facebook quite simple.

- How to send a request? Well, Facebook reopened the form a few days/weeks ago - If this form doesn’t work for you, you will need to find someone who has access to the media support panel or get an invite to it.

- How to get access to the media support panel? I will create an guide here how to get access to the media support panel shortly.


The above link has a low success rate and most are rejected

We have contacts at fb and IG - if the person has articles about them the success rate is 100% if the articles are in strong publications - we only can help people who we think have a high chance so the success rate will be 100%


When you don’t have to have articles for accounts I can purchase.

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you will always need articles - its up to fb at the end of they day -need to have a strong presence in google or a wiki page

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