Instagram and Facebook Verification, Username and Account Recovery Service. (Original Seller on Swapd)

replied to all!!!

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you haven’t replied to my friend, i sent everything you asked for, can you please get back to me ASAP

please re-send msg - get too many!!!


Sent you a pm

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What service can get top articles and wiki page?


Hello, I had sent a few messages. Can you please reply. Thank you

for wiki page hit up @Internet_lord 's service best out there for Wikipedia.


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Not sure who you are replied to however my inbox is empty…


Since you have not responded to my dms I’ll ask you here.

Can you enable Facebook personal pages?

My personal account was disabled.

All my pages are still active.

What’s is the cost if so?

I need to get verified on instagram please pm

sure pm me!!!

Do you have the whole package for Instagram Verification?
You mentioned that it requires 8-10 articles, wikipedia, etc.
Would be great if you have the whole package as once.
PM me if you do have this package

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only doing verifications and usernames -not PR

Sent you a DM regarding a username we discussed earlier


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