Instagram Ban Service | 24 Hours TAT

Description: Accounts are permanently closed.

  • Processing time is 24-48 hours.

-Any account up to 1M followers be ban.

-Success rate 99.9%

pm me if you do real perment ban

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I can, pm me

Do you give any guarantee that the user won’t get his account back for XXX amount of time?


I am permbanning, but if the owner of the banned profile has strong connections (if they know anyone on Instagram, etc.), they can remove this ban. Nobody can do anything about this.

I heard this before from another seller and 6/6 people got their accounts back after 4-5 days.

Can you give a guarantee for X amount of time that the account will remain banned?

I just doing perm ban. We can wait a week for pay if you want. Np.