Instagram Claim [DONE IN 72 HOURS] | Cheapest On Site! | Diamond Club Member!

I’m offering an Instagram username claim, This means you send me the non generic username you want to claim & I’ll have it claimed in 72 hours but on a rare case up to 30 days. This includes buyer protection, if the claim is not successful, you will receive a full refund.


$2,000+ Total - Including Swapd Fees
Turnaround Time: 72 Hours
[prices may vary depending on the claim]


  • The handle must NOT be generic.
  • The claim must be 6L or more.
  • Please send me the Desired Handle & the Placeholder.
  • Post here or PM me for any additional questions.

Click HERE for any 2L+/Generic Claims.

Just completed my 2nd off site.