Instagram E-mail Help [PLEASE READ]

Hi, so… I’m coming here hoping somebody can help me. Anybody, please. The account I’ll be talking about is not OG, nor is it a semi… but it’s a user that I desperately want.

There’s an account that somebody gave me, and I foolishly logged into it and it got sus locked. Thing is, the email listed on the account is UNCREATED. I need somebody, by the grace of god, to just tell me, if it’s even possible, what the email is on the account. I’ll then be able to create the email, and bypass the suspicious login. I’m really hoping somebody can be my saving grace and help me with this, willing to pay of course.

If you read it, thank you…

Create the email

I don’t know what the email is… it’s starred out in the hint.

Then how do you know the email is uncreated ?

Suspicious login can be bypassed from the phone it was previously logged into.

The OG owner already tried, but they were met with a sus login attempt as well.

I received this account from somebody and they themselves said the email is uncreated. They made the account a long time ago though, and they forget what email they put on the account.

This happened with me when i was selling the account and the buyer met with suspicious login, i then logged in and just had to click ‘this was me’ and it was all done, you should double check with the seller. And also when the seller was logged into account he’d be knowing the email linked to the account no?

They tried to login to the account again from the same exact area they had previously logged in, but it still didn’t work. And the OG owner made the account a long time ago, and simply put in a random email. Whether it’s “” or an actual word/phrase is beyond me…

You should have asked for the list of previous emails to get the real signup mail along with the account so you’d be knowing what’s the mail. I guess it’s too difficult now to get back the account

I know :confused: I made a mistake by not having the OG owner tell me the email… I’m hoping somebody can help me get back into it though. If the email was created and the OG owner didn’t have access I’d give up, but since the email isn’t even created there’s a chance I could still get into the account.

Bumping this, please somebody help.

Bumping this, can anybody help?

Bumping this, can anybody please help?

how legit was the seller? Gotta ask why they used an uncreated email for this account.

It wasn’t sold to me, it was given to me.

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