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Can submit Indian entrepreneurs?

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Not web developers, app developers or Dropshippers !
Should portray a public figure or public speaker !

Thanks sending you a profile shortly

:tophat: sure !!

Sent you a profile

Hi @zxprmedia done ! let’s do this :beer:

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2 Musician Profile verified Offsite !

  • Actively taking new orders.


Today’s update : (Offsite)

2 Hacked account recovered
1 Disabled account restored (Artificial likes ban)

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Pm me please

Sent PM !

Update : Only 3 Discount slots left

Hi You are looking for musician verification ?

Verified accounts can be renamed if not changed to a completely different username.
Clarify this ?

Yes we can rename if the claimable username will be inactive and its a chargeable service

Okay perfect

100% excellent service got clients page verified quickly! Others have failed but he got it done! Highly recommend him


Congratulations on being verified :man_dancing:

Today’s stat :
1 Verification on site
2 Verification off site
2 Username claims onsite
1 Unban Instagram offsite

1 Discount spot left only !!


pls pm me, Im very interested in your services


Awesome seller!