♚♚ Instagram/Facebook Verification, Real/Fake Musician/Entertainment (Fast, Inexpensive, Reliable) ♚♚

Hi, I am back again on Swapd after a long break offering my verification services here again, however, I have been going strong for 4+ years! Kicking it off with super cheap pricing currently, as low as $1.5k for Instagram Verification.

I can do both real and fake musicians, actors, and a few other entertainment categories.

Instagram Verification:

$2950 (Fake Musician)
$1950 (Real Musician)
TAT: 1-3 days max from submission. Usually 12hr or less.

Good PR, if you’re a fake musician, I can use the standard Thisis50, HipHopSince1987, +3 package.
Verified Spotify with 10k+ monthly listeners and songs.
Google Knowledge Panel
A Facebook (with engagement and music-related) or a personal website.
The Instagram page MUST have good engagement (likes and comments) on ALL posts. Please don’t buy any fake followers if you can avoid it. Real likes, comments, impressions, followers, and reach go a VERY long way with this process and help a ton.
The Instagram page MUST have music-related content, 9 posts preferred, spaced out, and please, with real engagement Cannot stress enough how important this is. Story highlights with music info is also very good. Turning off likes is not a way to counteract this.

Facebook Verification

TAT: 1-3 days max from submission. Usually 12hr or less.

Same as Instagram.

I’ll do both FB and IG for $(HMU) currently.

Need PR?
I can provide the PR that I use to get people verified mainly, if you are already setup with a verified spotify, and a good IG page, I may be able to do the PR for you. PM for more information.

Only offering these prices for a limited time.

Excited to be back!

Please note the safety concern on my profile was due to being over 18 but under 21, after I close a few more deals Swapd will probably remove it.


Glws :raised_hands:t2:

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Excellent Pricing, GLWS :fire::raised_hands:t2:

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GLWS :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

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Can provide PR that will probably get you verified now. It’s the same stuff I usually use, PM for more info!

I’m really interested in getting the fake musician verification HOWEVER I don’t have no spotify, no google knowledge panel, no engagements, can you do all of this ? I may add a bonus. let me know.

pm sent

Responding to all soon

Please read the requirements carefully before messaging :smiley:

Still accepting

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Accepting orders

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Send me your cases!

I got a case ready! Please answer to my PM or PM me again bro


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