Instagram & Facebook Verification Services [Media Industry Only]

Service type:
Instagram & Facebook Verification

Price: (SWAPD fees not included)
Instagram- Individuals: $4000
Businesses: $5000
Facebook- Individual: $3000
Businesses: $4000

Payment methods: BTC, TransferWise


This service is for any entity in the Media Industry who qualifies for a badge but have been rejected one way or the other. Entities in the Media Industry are for example: Entertainment sector (Musicians, Record Labels, Comedians, Videographers/Photographers, Influencers, Actors and Actresses, Film/Movie Directors etc.), Sports sector (Footballers, Boxers, Athletes etc.), News sector (News agencies, News anchors, Journalists etc.) and other categories that fall within media that haven’t been mentioned.

Provide a detailed description of who/what the entity is with links to independently written articles (No generic SEO articles, no press releases, and no trivial mentions) on notable news websites about the entity. These articles must be at least 7-10.
A Google knowledge panel and Wikipedia page are a plus and can help. Provide these if they exist.

Duration: 7-10 working days (However, it takes a much shorter period). This doesn’t include weekends and holidays.

NB: As with all third party services, there is no certainty on outcomes as it is solely the discretion of the third party to grant the badge or not. My job is to ensure that the chances of success are maximised.
Also, I will serve only ID verified members. So please do verify your ID before sending a DM.

Thank you!