Instagram/Facebook Verifications [Fast TAT][Media Portal]

Hi everyone,

Completed the first few sales off-site for this service, so now it’s time to slowly start taking some orders via Swapd.

IG Verification - Normal - 3.750 USD (Excl. Swapd fees)


  • 10+ press articles, this can NOT be paid for PR
  • Public figures only
  • Public account
  • No fake verifications

IG Verification - Musician - 2.500 USD (Excl. Swapd fees)


  • No PR required
  • Public account
  • No fake musicians
  • Google Knowledge Panel (Musician/Artist)
  • Verified Spotify with at-least 5 Songs

Please do not contact me about non public figures/musicians or if you are requesting a fake verification, if you have paid for PR, if you’re a fake musician. Only taking legitimate requests.



2-4 business days

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Check pm


Does local/regional authentic PR eligible? Or just high tier for this one

Preferably high tier. Local PR can also work depending on where it is from. I’ve been getting a lot of messages with paid for PR, that kind of PR I can not support (so to all others reading this, this is why I didn’t reply to your PM)


Hey, is this still active?

Bump! Taking orders, only qualified people so no fake PR etc.

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Can u verify authors to? If yes whats the requirements?

Same requirements

Hey there! Looking for Instagram verification!

I have 15+ entrepreneur/business news articles

100K+ following on Tiktok, Youtube, Linked (Only 4K on instagram)

If entrepreneur is too hard:

Willing to be verified under other category (musician, athlete, etc)

Willing to change BIO (7 days) or Post related content for 24hrs.

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