[Instagram & Facebook] Verifications / Username Claims / Merging

Service type: Verifications, usernames, merging
Price: Starting from 1000$
Payment Method: BTC

Description: I have access to Facebook’s Media Portal where you can submit requests such as Verifications, username requests, merge requests. In order for me to submit your request you’d need to meet the following requirements:

Facebook Verification: 1000$
Facebook Username: 750$

Instagram Verification: 2000$
Instagram Username: 1000$



  • You need to press coverage in local mainstream media outlets. Please be aware that mentions do not qualify, it needs to be a full article about you as a person.
  • A wikipedia page is preferred as this raises the chances of you being eligible for verification.
  • A facebook page or website.
  • A copy of a government issued photo id.
  • Your account needs to be public and must have a complete profile (Bio, avatar etc).


  • You need an active or placeholder account for the username to be placed on.
  • Generic usernames such as (@dog, @music, @planes) won’t be submitted.
  • The username needs to be atleast 5 characters, this to ensure we follow portal guidelines.
  • The username needs to be inactive for atleast 3 years.
  • We’ll need the associated e-mail to your Instagram account.


  • The accounts should be similar to each other and be in the same kind of niche/interest.
  • Accounts that are being made the same (renaming username, uploading same pictures) do not qualify and won’t be merged.
  • Preferable only doing this for media businesses.

as Swapd is an escrow we would hold the money while a transaction takes place and only release the funds once the service has been completed

Yes thats completely fine! Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


message sent

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Can someone please explain to me what merging is?

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Lowered prices to compete on Swapd!

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please give me detail

First verification delivered! :+1:t2:

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Can confirm, the seller delivered.

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They verified a facebook page for me. It’s the real deal. Thanks appah

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@Administrators, can we have a premium tag for this topic? :smiley:

If you do 2-3 more successful order in a row, yep!

Okay @Appah , I have a facebook and instagram page for you to verify. It is in the music / entertainment niche with press coverage and wikipedia. It is really easy to verify if you do have a real plug. Please PM me and lets do this as soon as possible.

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Replied to all of you!

Sent you a pm. Thanks



Need Verification For A Cinema/Mall Page, Politician and Hotels. Are Prices are Same for Re-sellers.

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