Instagram General Pricing


Hey Guys,

Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong category but I wanted to start pooling resources and information about latest pricing you may have come across with in your particular niche.

I’'m buying nature and travel accounts at approx $.035 per follower for the most part, of course it depends on engagement levels, age, etc.

I would love to hear about your experience with buying or selling accounts, the niche it applies to, and how you’re pricing them, or more importantly what you’re finding around the rest of the market.

Also, if you have any travel/nature/etc don’t hesitate to PM me!





Anyone in this business who has been long enough will tell you that there is no formula when it comes to appraising accounts. But what it all boils down to is demographics, activity and buyer demand. Buyer demand can outweigh anything else, as if someone really needs a particular niche, they will overpay for a property tenfold. This is why you will never get a price-per-follower formula.

Also, moving this topic to general chitchat :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree, its totally case by case.

I spose I’m sort of seeing a range of like 1500 per 100k forming around facebook pages with their main audiences in the big 4. But even that doesn’t always hold.

Instagram is a bit of a nightmare with fake accounts and so on. You realty need to check out each account to the end degree and work from there.