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Hello Swapd users,

If you are looking to grow your (personal/business) Instagram page this is your opportunity. I offer growth for Instagram through multiple ways, from high volume GEO based followers till targeted growth. In the past, I have worked with a lot of different clients like brand influencers and artists, etc. The prices are different for each type of growth

How are followers been delivered?
The followers will be delivered through different ways: For USA based we use organized giveaways/promotions, For male growth we use sets on male % pages, For targeted organic growth we use interacting pages to getting traffic and we let them convert to your @.

**packages: For USA based **
2k Followers = $65 per K
5k Followers = $60 per K
10k Followers = $55 per K
25k+ Followers = $50 per K

**Packages for MALE targeted growth **
2k Followers = $80 per K
5k Followers = $75 per K
10k Followers = $65 per K
25k+ Followers = $55 per K

Targeted Growth package
Start off 500$ per month
Organic growth will be 1-4k ALL the followers will come from the major pages in your niche.
(Price depends per niche) For any questions send my a PM

(Pm me for custom bulk orders)

Payment: Paypal - BTC + Swapd fees

I’m confused as to whether this is grown through celeb giveaways or Megas, regardless, these numbers are extremely high.

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We use shoutouts to grow the pages. Before they follow, they need to take some actions so only the active onces will stay left ! This is the best way to get high quallity active followers.

60-100k monthly

Can you do this with the cannabis niche

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PM me

3 weekly spots open

Please clarify this:
Price: $60 Per K

We provide multiple packages:
2k Followers = $70 per K
5k Followers = $60 per K
10k Followers = $55 per K
25k+ Followers = $50 per K
@Swapd please check the title is misleading and price list as well, he can just mention the total price per amount.

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Deliverd 5k in 2 days

Didn’t somebody else post this exact same template?


spots available

Provide Up-to 60-90k monthly growth per page.

what is the policy on drop followers?

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The drop-rate depends for multipe reasons. But you always wil get some more to cover the drops.

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spots available

Special deal for this weekend !
2k For 100$ exc the fees

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Don’t bump more than once every 48hrs.


Interested in the weekend offer, can u pls send me the account/s you are using?

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spots available

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Can you pm the accounts doing the giveaway?