Instagram Hacked Account Recovery Service (INTERNAL CONTACTS)

Instagram Hacked Account Recovery Service

PRICE: $6,000

I will recover your stolen/hacked Instagram account using my internal contacts at Facebook. These can take from 1 hour - 1 week (generally takes couple hours)

What I Need From You:

  • Previous information to the account (previous emails. sign up emails, previous phone number, etc)
  • Handle associated with account
  • Proof you owned this account (Need to make sure you aren’t stealing someone’s account)
  • Date of hack

Please only PM me if you can meet these criteria’s and can pay the price to avoid wasting time. Can do pre-payment for trusted users

Do you have proof from previous recoveries you’ve done? (obviously you can redact any private info)

Hi. Yes I have recovered many handles offsite. I can not mention it due to privacy reasons.

I use legitimate means and don’t abuse any portal access. I have a representative who helps me out. I can recover very fast.

Feel free to use them instead if you’d like

No. Reps on portals will not use internal submissions for you, but they can help if your case gets denied. Majority of times portals take quite a while. I have internal contacts that can resolve these requests in hours on average. I lowered it to 8k since I think it’s too high

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If you want to discuss please private message me, please stop trashing my thread. Thank you

I can provide proof to people who are interested, but I’ll be blurring out the handle recovered.

Yes please post

That is not a legitimate request. The account which you are requesting is not associated with your agency in any means. Reps only help if the account is associated with the agency unless you lie to them. I have a portal along with an SPM. I’ve used it for a long time I know the ins and outs.

However, yes you can still submit by portal.

Did a recovery recently. Hit me up! Can do prepayment for those who are reputable

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Still doing hacked recoveries. Can be completed in hours.

Is this 800 or 8k? I am confused

Hi, 8K

Still doing hacked recoveries. Can be completed in hours.

Recovered 2 accounts this week. let me know

Legit. Know this person offsite and their services are A+, not a reseller has a real contact. Vouch from me :slight_smile:

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thank you. Just done another yesterday.

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