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Hi Swapd users!

Following on from my successful username and verifcation service I am offering a new specialized service offering the recovery of hacked IG accounts.

The price of the service is $6.5 to $8k

Price depends on the niche, number of likes, the name etc

Timeframe of the service is 5 to 10 days max. (usually quicker)

In the last 5 years, I have gotten around 172 accounts retrieved - I don’t usually advertise this service as I usually just help friends with this.

The service has a 70% success rate so I would prefer to accept only Bitcoin as payment here as its quick and saves on any wire fees.

Criteria for me to be able to do this for you:

You need to use or have the same device as the one you used for the account

The name or account can’t have been moved or swapped to a different account (I can try if it has but its much much harder to recover)

I would need to see some sort of proof you owned the name / account too.

This service isn’ for recovering banned or disabled accounts for breaches of IG’s T&Cs.


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Nice!. Very good luck with sales, very happy to see this kind of service in Swapd.


Thanks a lot : )

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