[Instagram] Inactive handle claim service (Cheapest on SWAPD)

Service type: Username claim
Price: 1000$

Description: Hi all! I’m still offering Instagram username claims for public figures. I do this for only 1000$! There are a couple requirements that are needed to use my service:


  • Be a public figure (and have at least 10K followers on Instagram)
  • The handle you want should be 5 chars or more (No first names)
  • Your current handle
  • I need the associated email to your instagram account


An example of a good request: @bobseyofficial -> @bobsey


Time of delivery: can be anywhere from 1 hour to 2 weeks. It varies when my point of contact at Instagram puts them through, none of them are submitted over the media portal.

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PMed you.

Replied to all of you

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Taking orders! Quick turnaround!

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Taking orders!

Cheapest on swapd guys!

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