Instagram Inactive Username Claims

I am offering claims for inactive 2 words & random 6 letter+ usernames on Instagram.
For example: (@johnsmith) (@smartguy) (@coolmusic) and along those lines.
I can get these type of names very quickly and easily, message me for the name you’re wanting.

I am not claiming any OG usernames at the moment so please don’t ask.
I can claim the usernames on a fresh account or on an account that you provide.
You will be only paying if the claim is successful.

The account must be inactive for at least 1 year.

$2,000 - $3,000 BTC depending on the username & excluding SWAPD fees.

Payment Method:
Bitcoin only.

1-48 hours.

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Check this out.

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Bumping this back up.

Doing more requests this week.

Inactive for at least one year – whoever is not buying this service needs to because most people require 3-4+ years inactive – vouch for Farzad he is a known reputable seller

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Done over 5 claims the last 2 weeks!

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Vouches for this guy.

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Hi Farzad, do you do other recovery services for ig?

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I do not sorry!

Just did my first claim on SWAPD took only 24 hours!

Doing more claims for this upcoming week!

Taking requests for this week.

Taking more requests for this week still.

Can do another claim before the weekend!

Taking orders for Monday!

I got another name today.
Let me know if anyone wants names!

Another claim done today for an offsite client within 12 hours.