Instagram is SCREWING with I.P After New Update

If you are using multiple accounts on ur same mobiles & multiple admins using multiple accounts with ur page.

Either followers are decreasing without a single drop in engagement for business accounts or for private accounts strangely same followers are requesting the two private accounts logged it…

Anyone experiencing this issue knows a way to tackle it?

Not sure what the exact issue is, might want to check the grammar. It sounds like your accounts that have more than 1 person or app logged in are having issues with engagement. Yes, you’re right. They’re cracking down on automation, and inauthentic activity, they consider multiple IPs logged into the same account to be highly suspicious, especially if you’re performing actions from different IPs/locations.

I haven’t used automation tools … And yes I’m not a pro in english

I use automation on several instagram accounts. On my husbands personal account with 1200 followers his automation post hit today and still made the explore page but only got 12k reach instead of the normal 40k-50k. But its still good organic reach for the amount of followers he has. I think instagram is going the way of Facebook and wanting everything to be organic. Automation is and has never been a flag on accounts. Big media companies use it to handle huge brand accounts. Its engagement pods they are trying to effect i would assume. And bots/fake accounts