Instagram Merges

Service type: Instagram Merges
Price: $1500

Hi everyone,

I am offering an instagram merging service.
To be clear, in order to merge accounts, there are some criteria to meet before I will put the request through.

Your accounts must have:

  • Very similar names
  • Very similar or identical branding
  • Post similar content.

The idea behind the ability to merge instagram accounts is simply to merge duplicate accounts that brands have, and so please do not expect me to request merges of accounts wildly different.

Lastly, for full disclosure, I will be asked for the login details of both accounts that we request to merge. If you are not comfortable with this, i’m sorry, there’s no way to avoid this step.

Price is due to the limited amount I can perform this.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Very interesting to see if this is legitimate, gl to anyone that tries this

Price dropped

whats merger ? isnt it new

A merger is where by you combine the followers of two Instagram accounts into one.

follwing or followwer?

Followers :slight_smile:



What accounts are you looking to merge?