Instagram Meta Verification (Any Username, Any Country) *10+ SOLD ON SWAPD* (Only $300)

Meta verified Instagram available for sale. (10+ SOLD ON SWAPD)


-Instagram Account with ‘Meta Verified’ Option Available- $300 (I pay fees)

  • All info changeable to yours

  • All accounts come with OG email

  • Total time to get verified after submission - 20 minutes-2 hours (based off of past tickets) (Can take up to 2 days depending on instagram)

Payment methods- BTC,ETH,USDT



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PM’d you

I might buy a few if you have any with OGE.

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PM’d you.

Just had a successful ticket. Client bought the meta verified available account from me & successfully verified it themselves.

Very interested! Can you pm me? I wanna buy!

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Another Successful ticket completed. 4 total successful tickets completed on swapd.

Interested in buy one.

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Another successful ticket on swapd. 5 so far

Please dm super interested

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I can vouch that the seller is legit and that everything worked out just perfectly!

First, I got access to the OG gmail, then logged into IG, changed all personal details, Meta verified was available and after paying for it and sending passport pics, I got the blue badge.

In addition, there were 5400 followers and I’d say a decent number of these should be real since they are watching stories, liking photos and some of them actually unfollowed after making changes to the profile.

Overall very happy with the purchase, great value for money.

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