İnstagram Organic Verification Starting Price :2000 $ | Few hours, 48H max. & No Prepayment!

This is not a subscription. It will be done by application by the portal.
We can ship for all categories Submission is made via the media portal

Includes Instagram Verification
Very Fast Response
Starting Price :2000 $
+Swapd Fee
Deadline: Few hours, 48H max.
don’t miss this short-term opportunity

           **Neccessary things**

5-10 quality press news
facebook and instagram and other social media links
wikipedia it would be better if

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Because its only for personal accounts, brands for example may need this service…

Oh yea makes sense to add for Business & company’s accounts, so some people that doesn’t have to much knowledge about that would not end up paying that amount for a service they can get for way cheaper directly from meta

well i think you dont have a brand and dont know the importance of the blue check for credibility and increase the sells. We dont know what META is going to do with this but for example, i have a brand and the blue check let you get conections with other brands influencers etc… I understand your point of view but for a brand this continue beeing a good service. Just if you dont want to pay whait for META decisions :slight_smile: others we need this service…

Hey, I’m not against this service … I’m just asking the difference, & would be nice to highlight that it’s for companies

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also musicians need organic verification, with the meta verified you have to put your real legal name and thats not very good for an artist…

my friend, everything is written clearly on the subject, there is no such thing as everyone wants or doesn’t want a subscription

Please let’s not derail the topic.

Im going to try @Ercan verification service for my brand. I will keep updating… :wink:

So is this for personal accounts or brands?

Edit title lol this is not the cheapest on site :joy:

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super discount for a short time :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: