Instagram Perm Ban Account

Service type: IG Ban Perm Account
Price: Price starts $200 + Fees


Can ban Human Profiles and Business Profiles

  • Tired of getting the same person banned again and again?

  • Paying insanely big amounts just for 2-3 hour bans?

  • Look no more our Hard Instagram

  • Banning service Offers long term bans for the cheapest price in the community

Please Note: We cannot be 100% sure that the account will never come back. If he knows someone who works at Instagram, he can get help.

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what reason you can ban?

Unban too ?

[Ticket# 5840743] Great seller, good deal. Ban ig business account

60$ perm ban? Anyone confirms so far if it’s perm?

Price starts it’s depend of the account.

I am interested. Can you permanently ban an IG account?

2 ticket. 2 account ban. For now no problem with the return of the account. So is Very good service

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Thank you for your feedback i really appreciate.

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Check pm

Keep us updated please, usually it comes back after 1-2 weeks.

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First account already passed +7 days
The other one 5 days