Instagram profile full service

Service type: Instagram profile FULL SERVICE
Price: 150-950$


Instagram is one of the most active social media networks where you can represent yourself of your business. It is like a picture magazine on the internet and tremendous opportunity for showing your products, services or your life.

What I can do for you?

I will manage your profile on a daily bases and my work is:

  • Professional optimization of your account.

  • Plan and advise on strategy for your account

  • Creating highly engagement posts (pictures and videos)

  • Daily posting and doing actions on your account to reach more people.

  • Research hashtags and using only right highly engagement hashtags.

  • Find quality accounts in your niche and follow and like pictures only of their active followers (that like or comment on their pictures).

  • Get you only targeted followers interested in your account.

  • Create a plan for work and posts.

  • Deliver monthly report with stats.

I already helped more than 100 businesses to create their virtual magazine and helped them to get thousands of followers. The same I can do for you!

My normal plans are:

  • $150 BASIC - I will run your profile 30 days and follow and like pictures of active people in your niche
  • $ 350 STANDARD - I will run your profile 30 days + create 30 highly engagement posts
  • $ 950 PREMIUM - I will run your profile 30 days + create 30 highly engagement posts + create 50 child accounts
    CHILD ACCOUNT* - It is account in your niche with posting photos and following and liking other people posts. Every new followers is messaged with spintext to follow your main profile, so you are gaining a lot of followers interested in your account.


What type of posts are you creating?
I will create about 20 picture posts (or infographic type) + 10 video posts.

Do you write description for posts?
Yes, I will also write post description + use hashtags that will bring a lot of engagement.

Do you guarantee results?
Yes. For BASIC + 250 monthly followers, for STANDARD + 400 monthly followers + 200% engagement, and for PREMIUM depending on your niche I can go with + 2500 followers a month.

Also, PREMIUM package has a lot of time for preparing and the first month you will not gain as many followers like others.

Can you show me some examples of your work?
Yes, feel free to contact me for more information about my knowledge!

For more information contact me!

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