Instagram Reactivate Disabled Accounts Service

Is closed now.

Have you done this before?

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What about FB?


Unfortunately, I can’t help being on Facebook.

Google adsense?

Send me the handle of the account you appealed and I’ll see.

I reactivated these accounts. I can re-activate accounts, even if the relevant images don’t prove it.
Of course, I can’t get a definitive conclusion.
As I mentioned above, only the user name and e-mail address are required.
I don’t want sensitive information like passwords.

I guess you can try mine.

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I have a DBZ fan page on IG - can you unban it? PM me I have a few others if you can.

Can you Recover Deleted FB Pages ?

Why your account disabled ?

OP is working on mine, I will update with final result in 48 hours.


I need this badly. I know the e-mail of my deactivated account, but someone took the username somehow after it was banned. If you can get all of that back I will pay extra.


I think a media partner claim your username.
But I can’t get back sorry

Can you get paid on paypal or bank transfer ? as i don’t have btc ? i have 1-2 IG who want to try recovery
get disabled 1 in 2017 and 1 in 2018, it’s possible ? they said i violated their terms (no copyright) , tried appeal but they said this will be last email from facebook bla bla bla