Instagram Service | Hacked | Unban | 2FA | Username Swap

Service type:Instagram hacked account recovery & Username swap service

Price: 3000 onwards

Description: the above mentioned price is for hacked accounts recovery
If the account is hacked and disabled then the price for the service increases .
Turn around time varies from 2-4weeks
Payments accepted is USDT
And username swap service is if you have a specific username and you want to transfer that username to other account i can do it
Drop a message and i will get back to you


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I have an account that I have oge and was hacked. Person asking for money on the page. My Fb acc is still connected but never received an email about pass changing

If the oge is already connected then you can recover the password using forgot password
And if the email is changed then you must be having the email change screenshot

Have account hacked in 2013 email changed username swapped. Possible to get back?


if you still know the username of the account I can recover it

@coehn might be helpful for your other query

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I’ve my account has been hacked and username swapped. I could restore the account but username couldn’t. Can you help me with that?

Note: the username was 2 characters.


??? :confused:


Still taking orders

you unban tos?

Yes DM



:joy::joy: Haha