Instagram sucks and it needs to be sued, and here’s why.

Instagram’s flaws are glaring, and legal action seems warranted for several reasons:

It’s astonishing how many children wield the power to ban and extort users, particularly through impersonations with verified accounts. Instagram’s support is practically non-existent, leaving users unable to reach them for assistance, despite paying for meta verification purportedly designed to prevent impersonations.

Moreover, the platform allows entire accounts to be banned through false copyright claims on stories. It’s baffling how this cycle of abuse continues unchecked, leaving countless victims, including my clients, in its wake. People are losing their accounts permanently, and it’s unacceptable. We need a solution to end this madness and hold those responsible accountable.

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yeah a lot of problems are showing after the virus pandemic , every month there is a new problem , new ban type that we never heared of at all … i mean what the hell is cybersecurity ban +++ i agree with what you said and we dont know where and when meta gonna wake up

It will never it’s fucked up. Fr it needs to be sued

i believe that in a couple of years instagram gonna be cancled by the community and we will move forward to a new era of social media platforms

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99.9% of users don’t have issues. So I disagree. X will steadily gain traction over the years, though.

i am talking here about content creators , influencers +++ … as a social media manager i didnt face a problem from my direct clients at all

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I agree but there have been loopholes that they are aware of that don’t get fixed. People with Meta Verified are still getting banned.

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Oh, the irony! A few months back, you were the one asking for the ban of someone’s account. And now that your client faces the same fate, it’s lawsuit time?

Disagree. I never ask to ban someone out of no where. They either scammed or impersonated. Go back to sleep

Lol, regardless of whether someone has scammed you or impersonated you, you cannot support for bans only when it suits your interests and then conveniently change your tune when the tables turn. The folks banning accounts here on Swapd aren’t some Meta officials, they’re the same “kids with verifieds” you were venting about in your initial post.

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