Instagram TV (IGTV) Just Launched (YouTube Competition)

So Instagram finally launched IG TV and I decided to download it and make a channel for my page that has 55k followers

It was super easy to do and easy to upload to

You can put videos up to 1 hour long which is awesome

They aren’t running ads on it yet, but said it will most likely happen in the near future. I’d recommend building your brand on here while it’s fresh and new

Here’s an article about it for anyone who wants to know more

Would love to hear everyone’s opinions!

(Also no clue how it’s going to link my followers on Instagram to IGTV but I’d love if it did it well which could mean my 1.5 million weekly reach could be turned into some decent revenue)

Thank you! Didn’t know about this haha

Just wondering, but what sort of videos are these? Think this is going to be something similar to YT?

Ya so their plan is to use it like people use YouTube, but it’s linked to your Instagram account

So for example I put up a few videos that within a couple hours hit 300-500 views

I’m guessing that’s the followers from my account who downloaded the IGTV app and saw the videos

Eventually they’re gonna put ads too, so if you get an early start on it you’ll be able to make a bit of revenue later on

Wow, cool news! Thank you for posting this.