Instagram User Name Claim Service

Greetings everyone!

We are kicking off with a brand new service of generic Instagram User Names.

We acquire +6 digits user names that haven’t been active for a considerable amount of time or do not show up when searched for. Do you have a User name you want to have? We’ll do that for you within 3 days!

We can give you an account with your desired user name, or we can directly change your existing account’s user name if it is doable.

First, we’ll give you the e-mail address of the account. Unfortunately, we are not able to acquire user names that are too general, such as @banana or @Germany

The price will vary depending on the difficulty and popularity of the requested User name, and total number of hashtags bound to it.

There are no demographics to include since we deliver what you order

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Unfortunately, we are not able to acquire user names that are too general, such as @banana or @Germany

How do you distinguish between general and too general?


There isn’t a guideline or any kind. Mostly Instagram decides that on its own. For instance, @phone is considered too general, yet @phonecase is not. We usually follow a trial and error method and get back to our customers whether or not the requested claim is achievable.

In that case, your service title is all wrong and you should consider changing it, because you cannot obtain generic names.


We most certainly can claim generic names, Turkish references will be shown when requested.

So you can claim @banana?

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A customer demands a generic name and we get back to him if we can claim it. Just because we are able to obtain generic names does not necessarily mean that we can get them all. Like I’ve mentioned you via PM, references will be presented if asked. I believe the title clearly states what we claim in the text. The account needs to be in a passive state as I have mentioned. We can’t just run around and get whatever we want. There are conditions prior to claim. Based on that, we give feedback to customers. So, I am unable to understand the logic behind your argument.

I believe we have different understandings of what a generic username is. Per our understanding, a generic username is a name e.g @/plane @/hello @/banana. Your title states that you can claim generic usernames, but you can’t claim usernames we deem as generic. I understand what you’re saying, but I personally consider @phonecase a semi-generic username. Not a generic username. Based on this, we request that you alter your listing title to something more reflective of the usernames you are able to claim.

Thank you.


I see your point. We have successfully claimed redacted user name in Turkey. It means redacted in Turkish; would you say that it is not a generic name? That’s just one of the examples. However, if you insist on a potential misleading, I’m happy to make the necessary adjustments both in topic and text.

For now, I believe adjusting the title would be a preferable option. If you’re able to complete some successful claims of generic usernames on Swapd, we’ll let you go back to your original title & possibly mark your listing premium.

Okay, that’s fair. Thank you very much.

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please dm me with more details about pricing.