Instagram Username Claiming (public figures)

Service type: Instagram Username Claiming
Price: $650 USD (BTC)

Hi Swapd!

Expanding my username services on here! From today, I will start offering Instagram Username Claiming services to users here.

I have an internal contact at Instagram that can help with acquiring inactive usernames/handles on Instagram (not via media portal). Therefore I am offering this service here on Swapd!

The timeframe in order to process the request varies from the workload from the team. Most of the times it’s done with 72 hours (but it can take up to 14 days, keep in mind the current crisis we are in #staysafe).

The information that we require from you in order to submit a request:

  • The desired @username
  • The current @username
  • The email address associated with the current username
  • Business reason for requesting this swap

A few key points to look out for:

  • The username needs to have at least 6 characters
  • The username shouldn’t be generic (things like ‘car’, ‘dog’, or generic first/last names like ‘john’, ‘stephan’)
  • This service is for public figures only
  • Account must be public

A good example for a claim would be @johndoe_official to @johndoe or @johndoe_uk to @johndoe

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message!

Disclaimer: This service works for renaming verified accounts, however if your account was hacked/bought I can’t guarantee that the verified badge will stay. I’m not liable if this occurs so please keep this in mind.


I think you meant " The username shouldn’t be…"

Whoops, it should be indeed. Thanks!

Can you grab usernames that are disabled?

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Dm interested

Dm interested

Dm me that

Well I have to say this is probably the cheapest price I’ve seen for this service on SWAPD. Good luck with sales.

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Interested please dm

Should be up to speed with al inbox messages now! If I missed your message, feel free to bump it up again! :slight_smile:


Pm me! Highly interested I buy a lot of these already.

Check dm

Hey @jste, check your dm when you get a chance pls

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Can you do 5 letter usernames?

Messaged you.

Interested please message me

Pm please


Message me!!