Instagram Username Claims [Fast/ Cheap /Reliable]

Since 2018, I have been offering my service to claim Inactive and Disabled Insagram/ Facebook handles off-site on Telegram and on other forums, and I have now decided to offer this on SWAPD. I have been able to obtain hundreds, maybe even thousands of handles for my clients and I have a very high success rate!

How it works:

You contact me with your desired handle and I will let you know if it is possible and give you a quote.


  • Must contain 6 characters or more
  • Must not be too generic or short (@pizza, @mrab, etc)
  • Must be inactive/ disabled for a period of at least 6 months

Pricing: Starting at $1.5k per request.
Payment methods: Cryptocurrency (BTC/USDT/ETH) and Bank Transfer
Timeframe: Usually few hours, but can take days.

Most of my username claim requests are currently getting completed in an average of 3 hours at the time being.

I will obtain your desires handle onto:

  • A fresh Instagram page that I will create, and transfer over IG and OGE details to you.
  • Your own account (Public figures/ organisations in these niches: Entertainment, Sports, Government and also some businesses/ brands)

Pricing for both of these options are the same.

I do not require any documentation or anything else from you, this is all done through legitimate portals we have access to or close contacts at Facebook.

Message me regarding any inquiries! Numerous portals, able to do unlimited requests. :slightly_smiling_face:

— On-site reviews —


Welcome. I suggest you not to include the employee in the thread. Resetting accounts by changing their email addresses isn’t allowed. I’m sure you know what happened before with the Twitter situation, this is the exact reason your thread on OGU was removed. GLWS for inactive claims through a media portal though. A while back another user offers this, he was also removed unsure if it was @orz or someone else

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Sorry I was talking about the thread where you said you could claim OG handles. That thread was quickly removed I believe?

Not me, It’s just what other users have told me how you have you go about doing your business. I don’t doubt you also use a FMP.

It was removed.

bump. just claimed a vulgar @ for client on other forum.

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Can you please PM me ? I need to know if you can claim an username for me , thanks.

message me

I already got this service but thanks :blush: !

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bumping this still claiming

check messages

bump, opened again.