Instagram username claims

Hi everyone!

I’m offering Instagram username claims for public figures.


  • Min 6 characters
  • No generic names, also no first names such as john, alex etc.
  • No businesses/brands, public figures only

Usernames are usually assigned within a few hours / a few business days.
Please note I can only assist public figures and the username you wish to claim should be either inactive for 2-3 years or unavailable.

Price: 1000 USD
TAT: Few hours / a few business days

Looking forward to help!

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Thread updated, sorry!

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Please get verified. Thanks.

BUMP :blush:

Guys please note I can only do 6 characters minimum and public figures only, so don’t contact me for brands or accounts with only 100 followers. Thank you :slight_smile:

What do you mean public figures? We have to be PF’s or the accounts we want have to be PF’s?

Your current account has to be a public figure, let’s say at-least 50K followers and some posts etc.

So the claimed username has to be put onto our existing profile and can’t go onto a new one created only for that?

Correct, for example if you would currently own @officialliquid but you would like to get @liquid we can make that happen. But your account should be a public figure.

BUMP! redacted tag can we get this post verified?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to mark this listing premium at this point as you haven’t officially completed any orders on SWAPD yet. This may change down the line.

How do you mean withdrawn by author? I want this post to stay online.

It means he removed his post. Nothing to do you with your listing.

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Dm me


If you can get a user for a 400k niched insta, dm me - user will be related to currrnt one

Hi. I have a name to claim, could you please PM me to see if it’s possible? Thanks

Feel free to PM me :slight_smile: