Instagram verfied account service (meta)

Service type: Instagram Verification on Your Desired Username | Meta Subscription

Price: $2000

Description: Instagram Verified (blue tick) profile on your desired username. Direct Through Meta Employee( Exclusive Service).

Accounts can range from 0 followers to 5000 (fresh blanks)

Instant Delivery within 24 -65 Hrs.

Requirements :
Profile photo
Photo Id that matches

Check your DMs!

Edit: waiting for his result :slight_smile:

pm sent

Pm me

sent pm

Keep care of that guy. He don’t respond, gave him my Personal ID (which I regret that I gave it to him), lying. Seems to be a known fraudler / scammer (according to a LinkedIn profile, if you google his name Henry Brown from Auckland)


For 2000$ :confused: can’t even deliver