Instagram Verification [FAST]

Service type:24 hour Instagram/Facebook Verification

Description:I have decided to open my verification services once again on SWAPD. I have strong media support which allows me to request verification for Instagram. I could have delays do to the fact that I have other orders but all of my verifications are done within 24 hours of submission. I will need the following information, I will not google you. Do not message me with Indian press as Facebook knows this is paid for and won’t approve accounts with this press no matter the total count. Guaranteed verification starting at $8k

1.Link to account

2.Name of the person or organization in the account:

3.Please share why account should be verified:

4.List other social media accounts and press articles / media features.


PM sent

Pm sent

Sent PM thanks

Hey would like to use your service

@Brxx verified my instagram lessthen 24 hour

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First verification delivered on swapd!


Thanks @Brxx looking for your review will do business again


Dm’d you!

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how do you get this done? I am interested

Pm me.

Click the message icon

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Good work Brother can i found with you good discount ?

I sent you a PM!

Replied to all

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@Brxx just sent you a client’s details

Please check your PM. I sent you a follow up message.

Taking on a strong case!

Wikipedia, google knowledge panel, ect.

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Taking requests for this week. PM me inquiries !