Instagram Verification For Fake & Real Musician

I’m submitting musician cases through a media portal.

Cost Submission Only:
• Real Musicians: $2000 plus SWAPD fee
• Fake Musicians: $4500 plus SWAPD fee

•Verified Spotify with 5+ Tracks
•Some Press as Musician ( The source, Hiphop, Cali etc. )
•Google Knowledge Panel (Musician/Artist)

i have case ready please drop me more info in dm

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Hey there! Looking for Instagram verification!

I have 15+ entrepreneur/business news articles

100K+ following on Tiktok, Youtube, Linked (Only 4K on instagram)

If entrepreneur is too hard:

Willing to be verified under other category (musician, athlete, etc)

Willing to change BIO (7 days) or Post related content for 24hrs.